Championing a Greener Future with HFD Energy

Empowering a sustainable future, HFD Energy combines renewable resources, cutting-edge technology, and environmental responsibility to redefine green energy in the commercial sector.

Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

At HFD Energy, innovation is at the heart of our commitment to sustainability. We're pushing the boundaries with ambitious goals, harnessing renewable energy sources, and implementing smart energy management practices. Our holistic approach to sustainability redefines green energy in the commercial sector.

Committing to Tangible Solutions

While the Scottish Government aims for Net Zero by 2045, at HFD Energy, we push the boundaries further, targeting Net Zero by 2030. Our commitment goes beyond lofty goals; we bring tangible solutions to the table.

Wind Mills

Driving Efficiency with Technology

We employ advanced IoT systems to monitor energy use, optimising building performance and reducing utility costs. Our commitment to sustainability extends to projects promoting biodiversity, like tree planting, and strategic energy storage solutions.

Data Centre

Harnessing Nature's Power Responsibly

From harnessing the pure power of wind turbines to generating 50MW of solar energy, and supporting the transition to electric vehicles with an expansive EV charging network, our focus isn't just on energy generation; it's about smart utilisation.

EV Charging

Partnership for a sustainable future!

HFD are proud founding members of the UK Green Building Council network in Scotland. A charity dedicated to bringing the construction industry for the benefit of the environment and all involved.

Alongside our commercial operations, HFD has championed philanthropy in the Glasgow and wider Lanarkshire area for many years, supporting 60 charities and helping those most in need.

Our goals for 2030


Self-generated renewable power


EV charging stations


Battery storage

NET Zero

Carbon emissions

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