• HFD Energy

    We work to ensure that HFD group and all of its subsidiaries are powered using efficient, renewable energy.

  • Environmentally Aware

    We are mindful of the Scottish Government’s target to be NET Zero by 2045, however we feel we are in a strong position to set our own targets of being NET Zero by 2030 by generating and self-delivering our own energy.

  • Environmental and Social Governance

    We work jointly with our clients, tenants and partners to improve Our environment performance by reducing operating costs, increasing social responsibilities and improve our corporate governance procedures as part of our ‘Green Memorandum of Understanding’.

HFD Energy

We aim to provide our clients with innovative Renewable Energy, metering/billing and energy efficiency solutions, ensuring building optimisation at all times which in turn will drive down utility costs to the end user. HFD Energy will be the partner of choice for sustainable and renewable energy in the commercial sector, in turn positively impacting your green credentials and NET Zero targets, taking in to account our social, economic and environmental responsibility.

Wind Turbines

Providing one of the cleanest forms of energy possible, we aim to make wind turbines the cornerstone of our energy business. Letting our clients reap the benefits of cheaper, cleaner electricity while the local and rural community benefit from the installations.

Solar Power

We will have 50MW worth of solar electricity by 2030, creating locally produced renewable energy, letting our clients benefit from reduced rates in electricity. These projects will also be blended with battery storage to support the grid in periods of peak demand.

EV Chargers

We are committed to installing an EV charging network throughout our properties, as our society transitions to Electrical vehicles we will provide our tenants with an EV infrastructure that is affordable, reliable and accessible.

Biodiverse Woodland

We aim to help in the fight against climate change by planting trees. Improving air quality, supporting local wildlife and brining our communities together.

Battery Storage

Battery storage will form an integral part of our power distribution and how we manage it, tenants will benefit from better rates by allowing us to discharge the battery during peak demand periods, offsetting higher charges.

Energy Monitoring

Our buildings will be connected through our advanced IoT system. Secure, scalable and intelligent, it provides customers with data at a granular level. Utilising our upgraded BEMS systems across our portfolio, cutting costs and improving customer experience.

Our goals for 2030


Self-Generated renewable power


EV charging stations


Battery Storage

NET Zero

Carbon Emissions

HFD Group are proud founding members of the UK Green Building Council network in Scotland. A charity dedicated to bringing the construction industry for the benefit of the environment and all involved.

Alongside our commercial operations, we support a range of local causes in Glasgow and the wider Lanarkshire area through the HFD Charitable Foundation (which HFD Group contribute around £250,000 per annum to), with the variety of fundraising activities and grants. In 2020, we launched the Glasgow Community Anchor fund in partnership with the Virgin Money Foundation making a commitment of more than £700,000 to date for vital community groups.

Further Information

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