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    DataVita provides a complementary suite of multi-cloud and data centre solutions, ideal for the wide range of public sector organisations and private sector businesses we power.

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    Home of the multi-cloud

    DataVita is at the forefront of providing high- performance multi-cloud solutions.

  • Co-location and cloud

    House your critical physical assets, making use of our highly connected Data Centre. We handle performance, compliance, and resiliency, enabling you to focus on core business goals, powered by a solid and modern platform.

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    Certified quality data centre

    DataVita owns and operates Scotland’s largest and most advanced purpose-built co-location facility. also It is the UK’s first Tier III certified data centre for both design and construction.

Co-location, Cloud, Connect

DataVita is helping clients execute hybrid cloud, in a highly efficient and sustainable manner. We offer Scotland’s largest, most secure, and most resilient Tier III certified data centre – the only commercially available facility of its type in the UK. Purpose-built to offer exceptional levels of availability, security, and sustainability – with most clients reducing their carbon footprint by 70% or more – our co-location, cloud and connectivity services are flexible and cost-effective, with rapid, low latency connectivity to the public cloud.

HFD have already delivered

Fully Connected


First Tier III

Data Centre in Scotland


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Unmatched uptime and security from Scotland’s only Tier III certified data centre.

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Unrivalled multi-cloud services that allow clients to spend less time managing their cloud portfolio and more time focussing on their business.

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Ensure businesses stay connected with high throughput low-latency managed network services from DataVita.

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High Capacity racks & HPC

Up to 50kW per rack, designed for HPC and GPU-accelerated AI, machine learning and financial grid computing.

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Wholesale Datacentre

We have a dedicated data hall to meet varying needs with up to 16MW of power available.

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Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. DataVita operates one of the UK’s most environmentally friendly data centres, designed to reduce clients’ carbon footprints.

Our goals for 2030


Fully fitted


Power from renewables


Power Usage Effectivness

NET Zero

Carbon Emissions

Case Studies

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    Historic Environment Scotland

    Historic Environment Scotland (HES) has moved significant volumes of invaluable information about Scotland’s past to DataVita’s environmentally friendly datacentre, helping to reduce the carbon footprint of its IT.

    The public body for heritage protection and management is responsible for more than 300 designated ‘Properties in Care’ deemed to be of national importance to Scotland and is the guardian of growing volumes of significant historical data.

    DataVita now provides HES with a hybrid cloud service for compute, storage, back-up and disaster recovery – operated 24 hours a day, seven days per week – from Scotland’s only purpose-built, Uptime Institute tier III certified facility in North Lanarkshire.

    The move will enable HES to reduce the carbon footprint associated with its IT services. Earlier this year, DataVita was the first Scottish IT company to sign the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact making a formal commitment to a carbon-neutral future as well as announcing plans to take the facility off-grid, generating its own electricity from wind and battery-powered back-up systems.

    Edgar Dodds, Head of IT at HES, said: “What set DataVita apart was its willingness to share risk without compromising availability. DataVita offered us a contract with no minimum spend – where we could walk away at any point if we were unhappy – and a true public cloud-like experience, but operated from within Scottish borders in a highly sustainable data centre. No-one else gave us the same level of flexibility, which positioned DataVita as a real partner, immediately building confidence and trust.”

    Danny Quinn, managing director of DataVita, added: “The data stored by HES forms an invaluable part of Scotland’s history and it is crucial that we protect it against any risk of corruption or loss. As a result of our ongoing focus on the environmental impact of the datacentre and IT services, we have also been able to help HES significantly reduce its carbon footprint. Organisations of all shapes and sizes are becoming more aware of their and their supply chain’s environmental impact, but small changes in areas such as IT can have a long-term impact on sustainability.”

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