Elevating your business communication experience

At HFD Intelligent Technologies, we bring cutting-edge products and services to improve your business's communication. We are true communication solution specialists with state-of-the-art systems, intelligent network services, and unmatched customer care.

What we offer

We source our technology from world-renowned, industry-leading communication companies

To ensure each customer receives a bespoke communication solution, we conduct a detailed communications audit as part of our design service. This helps us capture precisely what you want to achieve and what problems you want to solve.

The Mitel 3300 supports the industry’s most extensive range of desktop equipment, including web-enabled IP devices, wireless handsets and a professional front end for your callers.

The award-winning Avaya IP Office 500 is a highly modular unified communications platform designed to meet the requirements of home offices, stand-alone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for small and medium-sized organisations.

Founded in 2005, when VoIP was an emerging technology, 3CX has established itself as a global leader in business communications. With 3CX, businesses can increase productivity and enhance customer experiences while dramatically cutting costs and management headaches.

What our state-of-the-art communications systems offer


What you get:

Conferencing and collaboration that can facilitate:
Online meetings
Brainstorming sessions
Training sessions
Audio and video conferencing
Web presentations
A range of customer interaction solutions can facilitate:
Entry-level contact centres
Call sharing amongst your team
Complex, fully-featured systems for dedicated contact centres
Messaging solutions that:
Will fit seamlessly into your infrastructure
Satisfies your diverse messaging requirements
Control all forms of messaging, including voicemail, email, and fax
Mitel applications suite
Provides SMEs with advanced IP applications on a single server
Mitel Unified Communicator Mobile solution allows you to:
Twin your office extension with your mobile phone
Have one number and one mailbox
Stay contactable regardless of your location
Mitel border gateway allows the deployment of multiple services to home or remote workers:
IP phones
WiFi / dual-mode phones
Wireless IP Phones
Extend the reach of your communications network
IP peripherals to  provide you with greater interoperability and ease of use:
Wireless handsets and headsets
Conferencing units
Interface modules

What you get:

Features include:
Complete voice and data communication solutions for SMEs
Operative as a traditional phone system or an IP telephony server
Supportive of both single locations and multi-site networks
Basic call centre and voice messaging capabilities are built-in
Future-proofed and scalable so it can grow with the business
Lower bills by routing calls
Reduces mobile phone and long-distance charges
Uses the IP Office system and broadband links
Built-in resilience for businesses with more than one location
Automatic location failover for IP phones in case of outage
No conference calling fees
Two built-in, 64-party conference bridges
Centralised administration
Remote management and administration from a central location
Proactively identifies potential problems before they cause an outage or business disruption

What you get:

Supports analogue, ISDN, and VoIP interfaces
Offers a wide range of connection options
True mobility, whether as a softphone or mobile app
Works with analogue, digital, and VoIP extensions
Seamless integration with existing equipment
SIP Phone Support
Enables the use of SIP phones from different manufacturers
Provides flexibility in device selection
Modern Business Features
Facilitates remote or mobile extensions to support hybrid working
Allows cost-effective VoIP calls via a selection of various SIP trunk providers
Integration into WhatsApp for Business, Microsoft Teams, Chat
CRM integration
Competitive pricing makes it an economical choice for businesses seeking advanced communication solutions.

Intelligent Network Services

The communications field is dynamic, and HFD Intelligent Technologies networks are at the forefront, offering services that span from basic Lines and Calls to comprehensive outsourced solutions for Voice, Data, and Mobile needs.

Our Inbound service is a network-based telephony solution catering to geographic and non-geographic numbers. Our versatile number ranges give you a highly flexible and cost-effective method to monitor, manage, and analyse incoming calls. Moreover, these numbers can be leveraged to generate additional revenue for your business. 

Customer Care

As an HFD Intelligent Technologies customer, you are guaranteed the utmost post-sales support. Our maintenance and ongoing training programs are thoroughly crafted as personalised solutions, ensuring that you receive the customised service that aligns with the expectations of all our customers.

To streamline communication, each customer is assigned a dedicated Account Manager, serving as a single point of contact for all their needs — providing a seamless and efficient channel for addressing concerns or inquiries.

Network Services

HFD Intelligent Technologies provides a high-quality, reliable, cost-effective solution for all your business communications needs.


With our tailored tariffs, we guarantee the best deal. Streamlining your administration, we consolidate costs from all your sites, services, and network providers into a single bill.

Additionally, we simplify telecom management by providing a dedicated single point of contact. This ensures cost-effectiveness and enhances the efficiency of your telecommunications operations.

Inbound call management

Effectively managing inbound calls can pose business challenges, often leading to costly or inflexible solutions. 

HFD Intelligent Technologies Inbound Call Management offers a range of intelligent inbound call services accessible through a web browser, offering cost savings without capital expenditure.

Total control over inbound call routing
Real-time feedback on your call handling performance
Business continuity solutions
Call recording capabilities
Automated order processing and payment features
On-demand services available instantly
customer service

We are committed to exceptional customer service. This commitment is reflected in our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in both our support staff and systems.

As a valued HFD Intelligent Technologies customer, you will enjoy a suite of advanced customer support services, including:

Technical Support

Access to expertise and an efficient help desk management system.

Consolidated Billing

Utilise state-of-the-art billing technology to consolidate all your expenditures into a single, streamlined bill.

Management Reporting

Gain insights with detailed billing information, online call analysis, and e-alerts to monitor your telecommunications operations actively.

Dedicated Account Management

Knowledgeable professionals entirely focused on understanding and meeting your needs.

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